Health and safety


1. Working Environment & Individual Protection: We have advanced production equipment in a spacious,
    well organized and clean plant. Meanwhile, all production staff is equipped with necessary protection
    gears such as safety boots, safety goggles, gas masks, gloves, and etc.
2. Fire-fighting equipment and safety trainings: Adequate fire extinguishers are located in designated areas
    according to fire regulations. Fire escape routes are clearly mapped in the factory. All emergency exit signs
    and escape plans are hung properly. We conduct safety trainings and fire drills on regular basis.
3. Wash basin and first-aid kit are provided nearby special working operation area for emergency treatment.
4. Waste disposal: We signed service agreement with qualified recycling company who regularly collects
    dangerous goods, scrap materials and clean dust recycling tanks.
5. Stand-alone dangerous chemicals warehouse: We set the list of dangerous chemicals and their storage
    requirements, clearly labelling the storage area for inflammable and explosive dangerous goods,
    putting them under special supervision, setting warning signs on the bottles of paint, diluent, ethanol, and any
    other colorless liquids, setting special retrieving procedures, and conducting regularly emergency drills of
    chemical accident.。


1. Effluent and Exhaust Treatment Equipment: High-profile painting workshop with effluent and exhaust
    treatment can minimize the occupational injury.
2. Central Vacuum System: This system constantly collecting dust from the air can greatly reduce inhalation of
    dust, keep factory clean, and lower the odds of dust explosion.
3. Our canteen is served by qualified kitchen workers past strict health check-up. Fresh ingredients are strictly
    selected so as to guarantee nutrition and hygiene for staff meals.
4. Worker’s lounge opens in lunch break during summer season, and drinking water can be found in clean and
    uncontaminated spot nearby working area.

Labor employment

  • Formal labor contract

    We recruit our factory staff by formal recruitment channels and process, and sign formal labor contracts with them.

  • Employee benefits

    Employees shall file their recent personal medical examination report for admission procedures. For those staff involved in special type of work will be eligible for a free annual health check-up. In accordance with relevant state regulations, social insurances shall be funded for our employees.

  • Working Hours

    Employees have their prescribed working and rest hours. They get paid for overtime work and are able to enjoy national holidays in accordance with relevant regulations.

  • Orientation Training

    Employees shall have an orientation training of Staff’s Regulation by HR department, and those who are involved in special type of work shall get skill training, safety training, and dangerous goods training.

  • Staff Meeting

    Work relevant issues shall be communicated and reported on regular staff meeting or congress of staff.

  • Formal Procedure

    The employer shall discharge the employees who have their contracts due or who violate the labor contract according to formal procedure.